Warping and Wefting!

Weaver's paradise

Weaving daily. Weaving nightly. Weaving, weaving, weaving.

I really don't want to waste my time researching about medals, which, to be honest, do not excite me all that much. I would rather write a few sentences of random text as part of some 'stream of consciousness' (as Billy James might have said) just to fluff out the body of the beast. Frankly, I have more important things to do than to spaff my time up the wall, so to speak. However, the research on warps and wefts, etc. is clearly fascinating and a preferred topic of discussion.

Weaving advice

(click on image for a brief history of looms...)

colourful image of weaving process

Summary of weaving process

  1. Rear an alpaca
  2. Steal the alpaca's fleece via shearing
  3. Organise the yarn
  4. Create a woven fabric
  5. The sub-woofer should always shimmer!
An old-fashioned loom

Table: Quality of Yarn
Animal Fineness of yarn (m x 10-6)
Vicuna 13-16
Camel 15-22
Alpaca 17-35
Yak 18-20

Source: https://spinning-squee.livejournal.com/3855.html

There is always a MEDAL for a good weaver!

For further information please watch this video:

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